Hi... I am Frank Decan, 65+ years old , having lived an extremely active life all over the world now I retired in Spain (Costa del Sol) having to face the reality of my circumstances resulting to a major operation (cancer of the bladder) and now having to live daily with some limitations.... Regardless I decided that those harsh circumstances would not stop me from enjoying one of my very many interest this one 

being fast car driving on the track or hill.
Of course it requires additional precaution and appropriate preparation but with persistence and determination... Now I am doing it .... I am driving all categories of cars on the track from entry category such as MX5 to Prototype F5 and Lotus Exige and even occasionally a Formula FR (probably not for much longer as really very physically demanding) 

So Guys trust me whatever your circumstances are most likely there is the right format and car for you..!!

I am inviting you to join "Gentlemen Track Drivers" and other likeminded drivers and make sure that you enjoy your life fully... Carpe Diem

Just a couple of photos and videos (more to come) of the cars that I drive regularly....